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Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
marketplace. you don't have to have the government mandate that for that to occur. but let's go to something that we agree on. the key task we have in health care is to get the costs down, so it's more affordable for families and then he has as a model for that doing that, a board of people at the government, an unelected, apointed board who are going to decide what kind of treatment you ought to have. in my opinion, the government is not effective in... in bringing down the cost of almost anything. as a matter of fact, free people and free enterprises, trying to find ways to do things better are able to be more effective than the government will ever be. your example of the cleveland clinic is my case in point, along with several others i could describe. this is the private market. these are enterprises competing with each other, learning how to do better jobs. i used to consult hospitals and to health care providers. i was astonished at the creativity and innovation that exists in the american people. in other words to bring the cost of health care down, we don't need a board of 15 people
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 12:00am PDT
is right. i don't want to barrow money from the chinese government so i can fund pbs. i guarantee you if they cutoff funding tomorrow big bird will find plenty of buyers and backers. they don't need that money. that's of the issue that is skirting away with this funny ad. >> no one knew that sesame street license did great. now everyone knows that. you used to think it was totally dependent on the government. >> as the father of four daughters, whaz your name? >> i don't have a take because i don't remember their names. david was one, i think, but i am a little high right now. 2 wasn't barak who brought it out in the debate. gentlemen, you are right -- yes, 3% comes from the government. it does not matter. w45 it does to our budget is infan tess mall. every conservative looks at it and says, yes, destroy pbs. mitney -- >> is that a new name? >> yes. >> i wish her name was kit and he was a talking car. i would vote for him. >> he reminds me in warmth of kit. >> bill, i do kind of agree with you bringing up sesame street and big bird in the debate was bad, but it is the obama campaign -
FOX News
Oct 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
the town govern as they wish? isn't that what america is about? small towns making their own laws? >> i think if all. if all of the kids are swearing and running around like crazy people, maybe you should find the parents for having bad children. just make the parents pay. the parents need more control over their children. >> it is $20. the $20 will scare the kids, but it is knot that intimidating to -- it is not that intimidating to parents. what do you think? >> if it is true it is a violation of first amendment rights. somebody in my schooling -- school owes me $100 at least. >> they are not saying you can't curse, but they say curse and then give us money when you do. >> it is -- you have it in public schools. you have a curse jar in a public school when kid curse you have to put $1 in it. i am asking why does the attorney general have to get involved with this? why can't we have towns decide. you know how things work here in our country, jonathon? >> i have no idea how anything works in this country. how would a law like this fly in jolly old england? >> it would bail out the entir
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)